Optimization / SEO / Performance.

Effectively meet the demands of your customers, gain visibility, and improve the performance of your site.

Whether your site was created by SWD or by another agency we can handle its audit.
Our developers or SEO partners will perform a complete audit of your site. Once the audit is completed, a comprehensive file containing the necessary changes and improvements will be provided and you will have the option of continuing with us for the implementation of the improvements or transferring the file to your own developer.
For an audit to be effective it must be adapted for the analyzed site. That’s why every quote is customized to meet your needs.


The “organic” or “natural” SEO of a site is achieved through the quality of your content and technical optimization. This is therefore a direct optimization of your site, meaning without resorting to external advertisements or services.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is done through the use of ads, the most common and effective being Adwords. Your site appears in an ad when the user searches for keywords related to your site. This type of ad is charged per visit, that is to say when someone clicks on the ad.

Our SEO process involves various steps:

  1. First we conduct a research phase and an analysis of keywords that correspond most to your site, product or service.
  2. Then there is the “On-page” phase which consists of:
    • Analyzing and optimizing your content (quality, positioning of keywords, etc.).
    • The optimization of the “Metadata” section.
    • Technical optimization (speed, internal architecture, redundant content research).
  3. Then comes the “Off-page” part:
    • Optimizing of inbound links.
    • Measuring the authority of the site, if the various external links are trusted sites.
  4. Once everything is optimized, monitoring must be performed as well as an analysis of the traffic and various visitors. You can find more information under “Analysis and Monitoring”.

We use the best tools available for keyword searches and optimizing your website. We also closely monitor the news and any changes in SEO so nothing gets past us.

Of course all site improvements are carried out in a “White hat SEO” manner, meaning, respecting all the basic rules of SEO without resorting to any devious means for increasing traffic.

Contact us for more information about our SEO audits

Analysis and monitoring

Whether a result of our SEO optimization process or not, we can set up a visiting analysis system on your site and monitor it to better target visitors.

In the case of monitoring an SEO audit, a watch can be set up to monitor your competitors and keep you informed of any changes in your page rankings.

We also offer other analytical tools allowing you to pinpoint the interest of the visitors, what path they take on your site, and when they decided to leave your website or on the other hand to make a purchase, for example.

Use and design

Does your site no longer do it for you? Need a “facelift”? We can run an analysis of the user experience and functionality in order to provide a more competitive and better adapted design for your visitors.