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Everyone to his trade. Our team consists of web developers, designers and SEO experts all flying under the same banner. This is how we can provide comprehensive sites and meet all your needs. SWD | quality assurance

Every SWD creation provides you with: a contract containing a termination of rights. The client’s interests take priority.

Moreover SWD uses only open source CMS for the creation of their websites, that way you will never find yourself stranded by the use of a proprietary solution.

Showcase site, Ecommerce, Blog or something more specific, anything is possible!


We generally work with the open-source WordPress CMS for the creation of our sites. This ensures the use of a reliable platform that has already been proven, as well as to a way to propose self manageable websites.


We also create e-commerce sites that you can fully manage. SWD also provides support and maintenance if you do not have time to maintain it.

We generally use PrestaShop and WordPress WooCommerce platforms for e-commerce development.


The creation of a CMS website doesn’t suit you? We also offer custom development. Whatever your needs, we will build your web application together.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the services offered.


100% responsive, meaning they fit directly into the various screen formats, without resorting to a second URL.

Performance and security

Every extra second waiting means a significant loss of audience, this is why we test the performance of all our sites. Also, every Google pagespeed score is taken into account during creation, and all our sites are developed with PHP7, which can up to double their speed.

Security is essential. In addition to developing our sites while giving proper importance to safety, we offer three-month maintenance and support for all our creations.

Visit our Maintenance and Support page for more information.

Visual identity

Our partners will handle your logos, and graphic and stationery charts. Whether an Illustrative, Minimalist, Single or Flat design, it will always be customized for your site and your services.

In order to preserve the integrity and value of a graphic designer, we don’t turn this into a logo creating contest. If you would like more information about our process, please contact us.


When ranking you, the search engines take many different factors into account. Your content is the key element, but even if that is great, it will not have the desired impact if it is not optimized. This is why all our creations are developed following the rules of SEO.

We offer various services such as establishing reports on visits, conversion rates and heatmaps. Full site monitoring is also recommended.

Visit our Audit page for more information