Who are we?

Concept / Team, discover us.

Agency concept

Our team consists of web developers, designers, skilled and experienced SEO experts as well as auditing partners. In this way the agency can offer you both websites and high quality work.

We propose a different offer from what you’ll find on the market. Imagine working with Freelancers, but via an entity that is responsible for meeting coding standards, working together and implementing them. This is what SWD offers: centralize, verify, optimize, and maintain your website.

So everyone can focus on what they do best. Moreover SWD imposes some basic rules for its developers, so all SWD creations can be easily undertaken and improved by another partner.

Web for innovation

In addition, all profits gained through our commercial projects are reinvested in the development of internal projects in the search for innovation.

In this way, when SWD is in charge of your project, in addition to getting a service and quality product, you allow students to finance their studies and contribute to the search for innovation and job creation.